Rare "Old Time" Radio Premiums

During the golden days of old time radio, programs often offered free premiums, just for mailing in a box-top or label from the sponsor's product.

On these pages, you can see some rare collectible premiums from:

Captain Midnight - associated with some of the most famous radio premiums

One Man's Family - the soap opera that transcended the genre

The Challenge of the Yukon - with Sergeant Preston and his wonder dog Yukon King

Space Patrol - rocket into the future with Commander Buzz Corey

The Lone Ranger - return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear

Sky King - fly with Sky King in the Songbird

Buck Rogers - travel to the 25th Century

Jack Armstrong - one of the most prolific issuers of premiums

Little Orphan Annie - who's that little chatterbox, with all those premiums?

Dick Tracy - top metro cop, straight from the comic strips

Tom Mix - one of the longest running kids' programs

The Romance of Helen Trent - romance can live on at 35 ... and beyond

Ovaltine's Secret Decoder Ring - a new mail-away premium

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